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Tears of London

lamentations, motets & anthems
Robert White
Thomas Tallis
William Byrd
12 a cappella singers
Joël Suhubiette, conductor
Published 26/02/2018

The Lamentations of Robert White are a particularly fine example and represent the height of Elizabethan choral music. White succeeded in harnessing the expressiveness of the text, while deftly manipulating complex musical structures. Two other great masters of the English Renaissance, Thomas Tallis and his disciple William Byrd (both musicians at the Chapel Royal), composed Roman Catholic and Anglican liturgies. Tallis was one of the first to compose music for the new Anglican liturgy, notably the Anthems presented in this program. Byrd, himself a fervent Catholic, composed several Motets. Those chosen for this program illustrate the richness of polyphonic imitation, as well as the suppleness of Byrd’s counterpoint.

in development for 2018-2019

Robert White (1538-1574)
Thomas Tallis (1505-1585)
William Byrd (1539-1623)