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Founded fifty years ago and directed by Joël Suhubiette for the last twenty years, the Ensemble Jacques Moderne - composed of a vocal and instrumental ensemble and enriched by musicological research - performs two centuries of ancient European music, from Renaissance polyphony to Baroque vocal music.


Musical splendor from Baroque Rome
Alessandro Scarlatti
Pietro Paolo Bencini
10 singers
3 musicians (cello, theorbo, organ)
Joël Suhubiette, conductor
Published 09/02/2024

This program unites two major composers from the Roman school: Pietro Paolo Bencini, who held the prestigious title of Music Director of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, and Alessandro Scarlatti, probably the most popular composer of his time. The radiance of Roman ceremonies is illustrated with psalms & hymns for soloists, and alternating chorus & basso continuo. Scarlatti's Magnificat, a veritable masterpice, closes out the program.

press REVIEW

"Precision, rigor, balance, radiant and inspired soloists and choir: Jacques Moderne offers, in a delightful diversity of compositions, in dazzle and contemplation, one of these moments where baroque splendor leads from emotion to ecstasy."

La Nouvelle République

Listen to the album Vêpres Romaines :


Pietro Paolo Bencini (1675-1755)                          
Deus in Adjutorium
Antienne : Leva ejus 
Psaume 109 : Dixit Dominus
Antienne : Nigra sum
Psaume 111 : Beatus Vir
Antienne : Dum esset Rex in acubito suo
Hymne : Ave Maris Stella
Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725)
Psaume 112 : Laudate Pueri Dominum
Psaume 47 : Lauda Jerusalem
Cantique : Magnificat

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