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The Ensemble

Published 22/02/2018

Founded 50 years ago by musicologist Jean-Pierre Ouvrard and conducted for over 30 years by Joël Suhubiette, the Ensemble Jacques Moderne – a vocal and instrumental ensemble enriched by musicological research – performs two centuries of ancient European music, from Renaissance polyphony to the peak of Baroque vocal music.

The Ensemble Jacques Moderne is devoted to the dissemination of unknown, forgotten, and unedited works (as testified by their recordings of Regnard, Mouton, Tabart, Gagliano, Bassano, and Keiser), as well as the interpretation of the repertoire of such great masters as Monteverdi, Carissimi, Charpentier, Purcell, Handel, and Bach.

Based in Tours (France), the ensemble regularly performs at major venues and festivals in France and in Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Latvia…), in South America (Columbia), in Asia (Japan), and most recently in Canada.