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Founded fifty years ago and directed by Joël Suhubiette for the last twenty years, the Ensemble Jacques Moderne - composed of a vocal and instrumental ensemble and enriched by musicological research - performs two centuries of ancient European music, from Renaissance polyphony to Baroque vocal music.


Josquin Desprez
Nicolas Gombert
Roland de Lassus
Ensemble Jacques Moderne | 11 singers
Conductor | Joël Suhubiette
Published 09/02/2024

With the vocal works of Josquin Desprez, Nicolas Gombert, and Roland de Lassus, the Ensemble Jacques Moderne celebrates love poetry in this program that intertwines sacred compositions and secular songs.

The magnificent poems from the Song of Solomon (aka Song of Songs), dating back to the 4th century BCE, form the backbone of this French music program. Their sensuality has inspired numerous musical compositions throughout the centuries.

A cappella, in choir for the sacred pieces, or groups of soloists for the secular songs, the 11 singers of the Ensemble Jacques Moderne, conducted by Joël Suhubiette, invite us on a poetic journey through Renaissance music.


"The concert that inaugurated the eighth edition of the Concerts d’Automne Festival had only one flaw: it was too short, representing one of those rare musical occasions one wishes would never end."

Le Salon Musical (translated from italien)

"The 11 singers blend their voices in a balanced manner, fully marrying them in all dynamic situations [...] The audience, charmed by these tender words in music, warmly welcomes the artists [...]"


Visual : ©Basile Pellé


Roland de Lassus (1532-1594):
Song of Songs - Motets
Veni dilecte mi
Tota pulchra es
Vulnerasti cor meum
Audi dulcis amica mea
Bonjour mon cœur
Je l’ayme bien
O foible esprit
Josquin Desprez (c.1440-1521)
Mille regretz
Tenez moy en vos braz
Allegez moy
Ma bouche rit et mon cueur pleure
Song of Songs - Motet
Ecce tu pulchra es
Nicolas Gombert (c.1495 – c.1560)
Song of Songs - Motets
Veni Dilecta mea
Secourez moy
Ayme qui voudra
Mille regretz
Roland de Lassus (1532-1594):
O doux parler
Hola Caron
Song of Songs - Motets
Veni in hortum meum